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Nelson & Kearney Streets Stage 6

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Nelson & Kearney Streets Stage 6

STAGES 7 & 8 ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Selling of this land should be around August/September 2017

All lots at Nelson & Kearney Streets Stage 6 are sold.  Stages 7 & 8 are under construction and these lots should be for sale around August or September.

Once construction is completed, each lot will be soil tested and a summary of the soil test results will be posted on this website.  The Survey Plan and 'As Constructed' engineering plans will also need to be finalised following construction.  Council will then begin their checking process to ensure all conditions of our approval have been satisfied. A masterplan and the lot layout for Stages 7 & 8 are attached at the top right.

If you are interested in building in this estate a copy of the 'Quality Building Standards' is attached.  Quality housing is of utmost importance in this development as it ensures that the desired streetscape and property values are maintained. 

Land in this area is very popular as the subdivison is so close to shopping centres, the university and schools.  The Stage 5 parkland extends into the detention basin in Stage 6 of the estate and all services including NBN and natural gas are underground. 

If you are interested in Stages 7 & 8 which are under construction or the future Stage 9, please phone us on 46330555 to register your name on our "Expressions of Interest" list.  If you require further information about the estate, please ring us on 46330555.

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