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NOW SELLING - Corner Steinberg Road & Otto Road, Highfields

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NOW SELLING - Corner Steinberg Road & Otto Road, Highfields - Stage 1 - 2500m2 lots.

Looking for half an acre of land, with room for a home, shed and space for the kids to run around and kick a ball?  The corner of Steinberg & Otto Roads at Highfields is the perfect choice. The estate is located in the non-sewered area of Highfields.  Turn off the highway at Mitchell Road or Cawdor Road and follow the Google map (above) to enter the development at Steinberg Road, Griffin Street or Denaid Street.  Situated on the southern side of Highfields, it is only a short commute to Toowoomba for work or school.  At the end of a busy day return home to relax in the peaceful surroundings of Highfields and enjoy the views of the countryside. 

Development of Stage 1 has been completed and the lots are now selling!  Attached on the right is the 'Plan and Prices' of the estate for your perusal. The lots have been pegged and you are welcome to visit the site to inspect the land at anytime.  Please see the directions to Steinberg & Otto Roads attached on the right.

Progress Report:  Allroads Pty Ltd have completed the civil construction and the 'As Constructed' engineering documentation was lodged with council.  Council officers are satisfied the Development Approval conditions have been met and they have placed the subdivision 'On Maintenance'.  The 'As Constructed' Interallotment Stormwater Plan for Stage 1 is attached on the right.

The lots have been soil tested and a Summary of the Soil Test Results are attached on the right.  The installation of street lights and electrical pillars is now completed and we are awaiting inspection by Ergon Energy.  If satisfied, Ergon Energy will schedule energisation of the estate.

The Survey Plan has been prepared and is attached on the right.  This plan was submitted to council together with the infrastructure fees.  On receiving Ergon Energy's certificate of practical completion, the Survey Plan will be stamped by council.  Finally, the plan will be registered.  Contracts will be prepared once the Survey Plan is registered and each lot has a separate title.  

Lots in this estate average 2,500m2 in size with water services, underground power and NBN.  If you have been waiting to find land this size and wish to select a lot, please phone us today on 4633 0555.  Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding Stage 1 at Steinberg and Otto Roads.

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