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Latest Land Sales

Oldfield Street, Yarrow Close & Spring Street Estate

Oldfield Street, Yarrow Close & Spring Street Estate - The "Expressions of Interest" for this land closed on 6th May 2016 and we thank all interested persons who... read more

Nelson & Kearney Streets Stages 5 & 6

NELSON & KEARNEY STREETS ESTATE - STAGE 6 IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION - 44 LOTS RANGING FROM 555M2 TO 828M2 The construction of Stage 6 is currently... read more


Welcome to the Clive Berghofer Group. The office of Clive Berghofer collectively looks after many entities but the main stream of our business is land development and sales.  So if you are thinking about affordable blocks, value for money and friendly service, you have come to the right place. 

With a wealth of experience from the man himself together with a team of dedicated workers, service is foremost to the Clive Berghofer Group.  Not only is our office open on weekdays but Clive himself is personally available on weekends and any time of the day or night to take your calls.  We welcome your enquiries, so please don't hesitate to phone us or visit our office soon.